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About Us

Wonder is the beginning of wisdom.

Socratech is a technology company founded by 4 curious young people with the aim of providing the necessary digitalization in all sectors.

Socratech was born from a formation that has grown in industrial production facilities for more than 30 years and is identified with all the requirements and problems of this sector. Since this formation has experienced all possible problems, it offers solutions to many of them with the latest technologies.

  • We offer fast and necessary solutions as we are familiar with the problems in the sectors.
  • We are not afraid to think differently and try new things.
  • Since we do our job with pleasure, we want to prove ourselves by taking care of every project.


We offer a wide variety of services, including web apps, cloud solutions, hosting, NFTs, daos, cryptocurrency, dapps and financial solutions.


Offering special hosting services or configuring an already existing one.


Creating coins or tokens for a bussiness on any network and provide consultancy services for project white papers

Cloud Soultions

Providing cloud solutions with AWS to enhance accessibility and flexibility of businesses

NFT and Dapps

Let us help you with strategic consulting, social media advertising and software development to sell out your NFTs.

Custom Software

If you have a great idea and do not know how to do that, you are in the right place.

Web apps

Let us present your fast and innovative website to you immediately.

Call To Action

If you want to work with us on any issue, please contact us.

Be Fast Be New

With our young and talented developer staff, we develop your requests in accordance with integration quickly by using the latest technologies.

We are aware that it has become very important to do the work quickly.

Fast Response and Quality communication

Thanks to fast feedback, your work will not be interrupted and we will deliver your work on time.

Thanks to our young staff, we can improve your requests with new technologies while offering you a quality communication.


We are a team of less than ten people, all of which are here to help you.

Ekin Savas

Co-Founder and CEO

Furkan Akkurt

Co-Founder and CTO

Hasan Cinar

Co-Founder and CIO

Ali Savas

Co-Founder and CFO